Will You Be on Board for the Top Fitness Trends in 2016?


In January you will read a lot of predictions about coming trends for 2016 – including fitness. One set of predictions worth looking at is that of the American College of Sports Medicine. For the past 10 years, they have conducted a national survey to establish what will be big in the world of fitness in the coming year. Here’s their statement for 2016.

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Wearable Technology

One of the fitness trends in 2016, following on from 2015, is the continuing increase in popularity of wearable technology to help monitor your work out and progress. Gone are the days of the old fashioned pedometer. Now you can have every single fitness related gadget you could ever want - all in one little touch screen watch strap device!


Body Weight Training

It looks 2016 might be a year where working out is as basic as possible in terms of apparatus. It’s predicted that people are going to ditch the treadmills and the basu balls in favor of simple training like push-ups, the plans, burpees. It’s cost effective and gets you in serious shape.


High-Intensity Level Training

High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, is the process of short bursts of high level exercise followed by a short period of recovery and rest. At about 30 minutes a session, it’s time effective and it gives you an amazing workout.


Strength Training

Cardio is on its way out in 2016, with strength training very much in and gaining popularity. Recent research has suggested that strength training is the single most effective way to tone your body, so get on Craigslist and organize a training bike for weights swap!


Professional Certification

If you’re going to go on a fitness journey in 2016, why not get certified at the same time? This means that not only will you get super fit this year, but you will also come out with a qualification that you could use and utilize later on in life.


Personal Training

If you want a change of pace to the normal, lonely 60 minutes in the gym every day, make the decision to hire a personal trainer for a few sessions to shake things up a little and give you new challenges with regards to your fitness levels and goals.


Functional Fitness

Functional fitness means replicating actual physical activities from a daily routine as exercise. This can help to improve balance, endurance and coordination and has the potential to enhance the overall abilities of a person and their life.


Older Adult Fitness

With our elderly population larger than ever before, the niche of mature adult fitness is growing and growing. While a 70 year old woman might not benefit from jumping straight in to an intensive HIIT class, there are certain types of exercise like yoga and lighter cardio that could be perfect for a more mature audience to get back in to fitness.


Weight Loss Programs

With obesity a bigger problem than it has ever been, organized weight loss clubs and programs are the way to go in 2016 for people to get the inspiration, motivation and support that they need in order to keep up with their weight loss goals and not fall off the wagon before February is out.



Yoga fans fear not, this form of exercise is still as popular as it has ever been! Yoga is the perfect introduction to organized and group exercise and had stood the test of time to still be regarded as many people’s favorite form of workout all the way in to 2016.

What do you think? Will any of these make you change the way you keep fit/work out?

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Disagree on number 4 that cardio is on its way out. Zumba, hip hop and cize are really hot classes at the gym.

I'd love to say yes. But I know I'll just carry on doing the same old thing.

Do NOT get the Fitbit!!! It's a piece of crap! I got it 6months ago and it is literally in half right now! Get anything but the Fitbit

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