8 Ways to Stay Mindful in the Digital World of Confusion ...


8 Ways to Stay Mindful in the Digital World of Confusion ...
8 Ways to Stay Mindful in the Digital World of Confusion ...

In the age of technology that we currently live in, it can often be very easy to get overwhelmed by the digital world. There is information and entertainment coming at you from every possible angle, and if you are someone who is susceptible to being overloaded by too much, navigating the internet and social media can be a very tricky and stressful path. Here are some ways to stay mindful in the digital world.

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Schedule Social Media Time

Don’t allow yourself to just spend all day scrolling endlessly through your social media platforms. That kind of information overload can end up causing things like stress, anxiety, anger, or even F O M O at the other end of the spectrum. Schedule your time and be strict with it: an hour here, an hour there, the most important thing is that you give yourself plenty of off time.



Practice mindfulness on a daily basis. The theory is far too detailed to fully explain here, but all you need to do is a quick search for mindfulness techniques online and you can open yourself up to a whole new world of ways to calm down and eliminate stress from your life.


Embrace Nature

When everything you consume each day only comes through an electric screen, you can become very disconnected from the real world around you. Make the effort to get out in nature as much as you can, take walks in the park and get out in the open with family and friends.


Make Lists

Your mind is just like a cupboard, it needs cleaning once in a while! A good way to go about this is writing physical to do lists that you can refer to in order to get your priorities in order. Technology tends to distract us from the things that really matter and really need doing.


Keep a Journal

It can be really therapeutic and beneficial to keep a journal of your thoughts each day. Sometimes you spend all of your time reading everyone else's thoughts online that you forget to check in with your own, so a daily journal can be a good way of getting your emotions out of your head.


Get Good Sleep

Staying up in bed scrolling on your phone can be one of the worst things you can do to yourself in terms of fatigue and lack of rest. You need to make sure that you stay away from your screens for at least an hour before bed, and that you get a good eight hours of shut-eye.



It sounds silly, but remember to breathe! The benefits of taking nice deep breaths as opposed to short, sharp ones can sort out your blood pressure and reduce your heart rate, which come together to help you to feel much calmer in general. This can be important to remember when your mind is going a million miles a minute.


Tech-Free Space

Designate a few rooms in your home to be
tech-free spaces. The bedrooms are always a good choice for this, along with maybe the dining room, because it will allow you to both sleep and eat your dinner in peace, away from the constant pace and stress of the online world.

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