10 Tips to Boost Your IPhone Battery Life ...


10 Tips to Boost Your IPhone Battery Life ...
10 Tips to Boost Your IPhone Battery Life ...

If there’s one universal complaint from everyone that has one, it is probably about iphone battery life. Whatever model, your iphone battery life is not its greatest feature. Even though all cell phones have improved, battery life is still the cause of frustration for many of us. If you want to know how to improve the battery life of an iphone, read on. Here are 10 Tips to Boost your iPhone Battery Life:

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Turn down Screen Brightness

One of the biggest drains on iPhone battery life is a bright screen. Dimming the screen (go to Settings, Brightness) really helps to maximize iPhone battery life.


Select Auto-brightness

If you turn the brightness down but then find there are times when you can’t see the screen, for example while you are outside in direct sunlight, then there is a compromise where you can still save battery but get that brightness when you need it. Go to Settings, Brightness, Auto-Brightness to turn the automatic brightness feature on.


Turn Location Services off

The iPhone has built-in GPS which allows satellites to pin-point your phone-location, which is needed for apps that use your position, like Sat-Nav and service-finder apps. GPS requires data transfer however, and this drains batter. Go to Settings, General, Location Services to turn it off and increase iPhone battery life.


Turn off Wi-Fi when Not in Use

Wi-Fi is a popular and vital network service that connects you to the internet when you are in a Wi-Fi network location. If you are out and about, there is no use leaving it turned on- go to Settings, WiFi to increase iPhone battery life.


Turn off 3G when Not in Use

This is the same sensibility as above. iPhone’s have a 3G network service which provides you with data access anywhere that you can get a phone signal, but when your 3G is turned on it drains your battery significantly. Turn it off when you don’t need it for internet and calling by going to Settings, General, Network.


Change Email Fetch Settings

Your iPhone will intermittently check your email provider’s network to see if you have received any new emails, and then let you know when it does. This takes battery power to do, and you can thus reduce the drain on your battery by going to Settings, Mail..., Fetch New Data, and changing the fetch setting to fetch more infrequently.


Change Auto-lock to Happen Sooner

You are able to change the length of time that the phone spends idle before it sleeps and locks itself. The faster the phone sleeps, the less power is used for the screen and certain running processes. You can turn it down to 1-2 minutes to boost the battery life of an iPhone.


Turn the Equalizer off

When you play music thorough music applications, the iPhone comes with its own equalizer which allows you to change the sound accordingly. This will run in the background while your music plays and shorten the iPhone battery life. If you don’t need that extra bass or that enhanced treble, then go to Settings, iPod, EQ.


Turn off Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless connection technology that is useful for transferring large amounts of data between phones or using wireless Bluetooth devices like earphones or headsets. It takes a look of battery to fuel this wireless data transfer, and so when you are not using it, make sure you turn it off (even leaving it on as set-to-receive incoming data sucks up the battery). Go to Settings, General, Bluetooth.


Turn off Data Push

Any form of wireless network access reduces iphone battery life. The data push function ensures that all new data sent to your online accounts is pushed to your iPhone as soon as they arrive. This is good for people who need to receive information in real-time, but not everyone needs it. You can reduce the number of times your phone connects and receives data from the network by going to Settings, Mail..., Fetch New Data.

I hope these tips to improve the life of a battery iphone help. Pelase elt us know if they work for you.

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