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Have you been wondering why Google Glass is amazing? Google Glass, also known to many as "those new Google things," is the new technological buzz that has everybody talking. As an owner of Glass, I do admit that yes, at first they do look kind of weird. It took me some time to get used to the feeling and appearance of it. But soon after, the magic of Glass began to kick in. Below are a few reasons why Google Glass is amazing.

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I’m not going to lie –- it’s so much fun. This is definitely the number one perk of owning a pair of Google Glass. Everywhere I go, I turn heads (and not just because of my bright pink Hunters). People follow me around, whisper loudly as I walk by, and my favorite, take pictures of me. Owning a pair of Google Glass has made me feel somewhat like a celebrity. And it’s awesome. Many people have only seen this tech craze in magazines and online, so much to my delight, their interest and attention is very genuine. But I really love answering questions about why Google Glass is amazing!



People always ask, "How is Google Glass different from a smart phone?" Simple. Google Glass is very much a hands-free device. Everything can be done by voice commands. As a girl who absolutely needs her Diet Coke and Starbucks, my hands are always full. Plus, Siri is always sassy and unreliable for me. Glass, however, is more spot on, and listens to me like a good boyfriend. Need a picture? Just wink. Need to make a call? You name it, and Glass has it covered.



Did you know that Google Glass is incredibly exclusive? Well, now you do. Yes, there are programs for you to try Glass, but how many people do you know who own Glass? That’s what I thought. One of the most common questions that I get asked is: "How did you get them? Are they available in the mass market yet?" And though Glass isn’t available yet, it’s nice to see people’s interest in wanting a pair. Doesn’t it feel great to own or be in something that's exclusive?


Feel Smart

I can’t code. I don’t understand the technicalities of how websites or how computers work. But by talking about Glass, I seem and feel like I am super-techie. Call me strange, but being able to fluidly talk about a topic that I am no expert in makes me feel smart. And honestly, constantly chatting about the tech world has really opened up new interests in my life. I’m beginning to pay more attention to new technologies.


Fashion Statement

You can tell a lot about a person by what he or she wears. Similarly, I’ve been told that wearing Google Glass alone makes me look hip and educated. Now, I don’t know how that relates… but hey, it’s a compliment! What I’m trying to express is that Glass, whether you’re rocking them on your face or they’re just perched on your head, give you a cool, techy, and apparently ‘educated’ look.



I mentioned above that I can take pictures with Glass, but did you know that Glass takes videos, too? The longest one that I’ve ever taken was almost 7 minutes! That’s pretty amazing, considering that it’s so small. Pictures and videos can be uploaded to Facebook and Google +, and I can even save them onto my computer.


Tech Support

Google has by far been the easiest company to contact. Perhaps it’s because of the limited number of people who own Glass, but I have not yet had trouble contacting a Glass representative. Those folks are really there to help, and they get to the point. They send follow-up emails and always check up on me to see if I’m having any issues. It’s really reassuring to know that I’m getting what I paid for and that someone is always there to help. Now that’s what I call good customer service!

To me, Google Glass is the best thing since sliced bread. It has improved my life so much. What are your thoughts on Glass? Have you ever tried them or seen them? Is this the future?

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Try watching The Entire History of You, in the Black Mirror series (British tv).

What are google glass

How did you get one?

It is amazing but,is unfortunately dangres and expensive

This was basically written for the author to boast about her glasses and provided very minimal information on the actual topic.

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