7 Rules for Cellphone Manners ...


7 Rules for Cellphone Manners ...
7 Rules for Cellphone Manners ...

The cellphone is truly a product of our times. It’s everywhere … seemingly inescapable. Sadly its ubiquitous presence means that it can be truly annoying. Here’s how to be considerate in your use of your cellphone.

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The most important rule – SWITCH OFF WHEN APPROPRIATE. That means in cinemas, theatres, funerals, exams … Yes, I have heard of it happening in exams, and the culprit had their results discounted. So be considerate – and sensible.


Always remember that your cellphone is not an extension of your house phone, and that your conversation can be overheard. People do not want to hear you talking loudly about intimate issues – or anything for that matter. I’m constantly amused – and astonished – at how people act as though they were in a bubble and seem to think that their voice doesn’t carry beyond it.


If you’re with friends, only take calls if they’re important. Wouldn’t you complain if you were being served in a shop, and the assistant left you waiting while they answered a call? You’re with your friends, so don’t ignore them. Tell the caller you’ll ring back later.


If you do forget to switch off your phone, and it rings in an inappropriate place, switch it off immediately. Do NOT answer it and run out shouting in a stage whisper ‘I’M IN THE CINEMA…’. It can happen to any of us, but next time, remember rule no. 1.


If it rings while you are paying for something at a checkout, do not consider your call more important than completing the purchase. Why should everyone behind you in the queue wait while you take ages to pay because you’re busy with your call? Tell the other person you’ll call them back.


Should you be in an intimate situation, both you and the other party should switch your phones off. This may not be foremost on your mind, but a chorus of some infantile ringtone will not create an atmosphere of intimacy. So … both mobiles off or on silent!


Don’t show off. Nobody is impressed because your new phone cost more than a car, is covered in diamonds and is sophisticated enough to handle air traffic control. Well, the local thieves, maybe. I’m certainly not impressed by millions of applications – I use my phone for calls, texting, photos and as an alarm. That’s all I need it for. So I don’t care if yours can do so much more.

What drives you mad about other people and their cellphones? Do you sometimes wish they didn’t exist? Are you going to scream if you hear the Nokia tune once again?

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I totally know what you mean about #3!! Although I understand that some calls need to be taken, continuous use of cells...especially texting REALLY can be irritating. If you make time to spend with your friends, shouldn't you be paying attention to them and not everyone else? Anyways, great rules :)

my friend is always texting no matter what!! it bother me so much and the other day one of our friends told her to stop and she got so upset! she doesn't even realizes how rude it is.

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